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I have been dabbling in Fanfiction for some time now, working both on my own and with my close friends MythQueen and Captian Ryder. I have not published many of my works on the worldwide Web because, quite frankly, I don't think many people woud want to read some of them (severely lacking in plotline!). However after nasty run-ins with several English profs I was forced to take dig out some of my better works and present them as proof I do speak/write English... Although if you look at my French it is painfully obvious that it is not my native language and my accent alone points big, flashing, obvious arrows at my true country of origin. After being forced to read my stories outloud infront of several ESL classes I figured what the heck I might as well put them on the internet aswell, at least that way the audience understands what I'm talking about. Below you will find the links to my few stories and also links to where I now host them.

Focus:Samantha Carter
Category:Angst, character
Fandom:Stargate SG-1
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From The Pages Of A Notebook
Focus:Samantha Carter
Category:Angst Character
Fandom:Stargate SG-1 (pre-series)
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