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A little about myself

Name: Well I'm named after my great-to-infinity grandmother, so everyone just calls me Jane or Korat because it is actually physically possible to say them.

Gender: If you didn't figure it out from the answer to the last question, I am female.

Age: Old enough to be hiding it.

Occupation: Student... and would love to stay a student for the rest of my life, but reality keeps intruding and forcing me to get a real job.

Fandoms: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Sanctuary.

Hobbies: Extreme adventure sports, Archery, Traveling, Learning, and anything to do with computers.

Languages spoken: Fluently two (French and English) but I speak little bits of three other random languages (Chinese, Greek, and German) .

Countries Visited: 12, in alphabetical order: Austria, Belgium, Canada (four provences), France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monacco, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, USA (three states)

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